With Burt's Truck Repair, You Never Drive Alone

You can trust us for emergency roadside assistance in Oxford & Norwich, NY
Servicing Cincinnatus and Cortland, NY.

You can't predict everything that will happen on the road. If your truck or RV breaks down suddenly, you need help-and you need it fast. Count on Burt's Truck Repair Inc. for emergency roadside assistance in the Oxford, Cincinnatus & Norwich, NY area.

We're ready at a moment's notice to help you when your truck breaks down. From brake repairs to towing services and everything in between, we can tackle any issue with your truck or RV. Our crew can run diagnostics on-site, discover the issue and get you on your way ASAP.

Burt's Truck Repair can be there in your time of need. Call us anytime at (607) 337-0225 to get your vehicle up and running like new in no time.

The 3 biggest advantages to roadside assistance

Many drivers don't think about the benefits of emergency roadside assistance. When you experience issues with your vehicle, you need someone who can:

  • Come to your aid at any location in the Norwich, Oxford, Cincinnatus and Cortland. NY area
  • Figure out exactly what is wrong with your vehicle
  • Fix the issue or tow you to a nearby shop that can fix it

You don't have to go it alone when your truck or RV breaks down. Whether you need a quick fix or towing services to a local shop, depend on Burt's Truck Repair to help you in your time of need.

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