Get Your Truck Up to Code

We'll handle your state trailer inspection in Norwich, NY
Servicing Oxford, Cincinnatus and Cortland, NY.

Every diesel truck that operates out of New York state has to be inspected. Without a proper truck inspection, you run the risk of being fined or losing their license. Make sure to get a truck or trailer inspection in Norwich, NY from Burt's Truck Repair Inc.

We have the license to perform a New York State heavy duty inspection on Trucks, Trailers, and RV's. We also provide federal DOT inspections. Our crew can look over your vehicle from top to bottom, and we can provide the necessary repairs to pass inspection. Then, we can run an official truck or trailer inspection to make your vehicle road legal.

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Let us test and repair anything on your truck

If you think you won't pass a truck inspection, don't worry. Burt's Truck Repair can get your truck up to code in no time. Our crew can diagnose and fix issues with:

  • Tires or wheels
  • Lighting
  • Engines or transmissions
  • Computer Diagnostics

If your truck has been out of commission for a few years, allow Burt's Truck Repair to restore it. Reach out today to schedule a truck inspection at our Norwich, NY shop. Servicing Oxford, Cincinnatus and Cortland, NY.

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