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Get quick and affordable truck and RV repair service in Norwich, NY
Servicing Oxford, Cincinnatus and Cortland, NY.

It can be tough to find a shop that can handle truck or RV repair service. Fortunately, your search for a shop has ended-drive into Burt's Truck Repair Inc.

We can service tractor trailers, dump trucks, delivery trucks and RVs. From diagnostic testing to truck and trailer repair and more, we are your all-in-one source for truck repair.

Connect with us now to schedule a service at our Norwich, NY shop.

What can we repair for you?

At Burt's Truck Repair, we have the tools and experience needed to handle any issue with your truck or RV. We can perform:

-AC or heating repair
A car's heating and air conditioning systems are more than just a luxury to keep drivers comfortable. They maintain air circulation inside the car, while filtering out pollutants from the air outside. Contact us to repair your AC or heating in your vehicle.
-Brake pad, shoe or line repair
Your car brakes help safely avoid collisions with other objects or vehicles on a daily basis making them critical to keep in good working condition.
-Air or leaf suspension repair
Leaf Springs are key components of your vehicle's and trailer's suspension system and provide support for a smooth, reliable ride. Exposure to road salt and harsh elements, carrying heavy loads and driving on rough roads can all cause corrosion or damage that weakens a spring's structure. After countless miles on the road, it's inevitable that there may come a time when this support system needs repair.
-Engine, clutch or transmission repair
When you notice that you are having issues with your transmission or clutch, it is very important to have it checked as soon as possible. Many times you can prevent a minor problem from becoming a major repair.
-Axle or joint replacement or repair
These components are vital to the drivability and performance of your vehicle.Our certified technicians are specialists at repairs and replacements of your entire driveshaft and components.
-Dry Line Repairs

No problem is too complicated for our team. For truck or RV repair service in Norwich, NY, bring your ride into Burt's Truck Repair today.
Servicing Oxford, Cincinnatus and Cortland, NY.

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